TwitNotes 1.0.10

Today I saw that suddenly TwitNotes wasn’t displaying any tweets. I could tweet and search from it just fine but the main timeline wasn’t displayed. I traced the issue to an error with the utc_offset handling in the Twitter JSON API I forked back when… I have now resolved the issue and placed a widget descriptor for TwitNotes 1.0.10 on the blog and corresponding features on the update site.

To update TwitNotes either

  • drag the widget descriptor onto your MyWidgets sidebar panel or
  • do an update installed features operation (those this solution is right for knows how)

I wish to thank those who kindly reminded me of this problem – nice to see people using it.

TwitNotes 1.0.9 available and the book is now closed on v. 1.0.x :-)

So I’ve fixed the final small issues I really wanted to get fixed before focusing on the next release of TwitNotes in version 1.0.9. This release is primarily a bug fix that fixes the following:

  • Make sure the date/time of the post is represented in search results
  • Make sure the source application of the post is represented in search results
  • Make sure the Twitter tab is always the first tab and search is the second
  • Make sure TwitNotes is working perfectly on Ubuntu
  • Fix the version number in the about dialog

I’ve created a widget descriptor for TwitNotes v. 1.0.9 as well. To update or install simply drag the widget descriptor to the MyWidgets sidebar.

I know there are (small) things that could be done differently but all future work will be done on version 1.1 which has some new exciting features I think… 🙂

TwitNotes – v. 1.0.7 is out

Just uploaded TwitNotes v. 1.0.7 to the update site. It’s just a small bug fix release that fixes some minor things:

  • Easier searching by responding to pressing the Enter key on the Search tab
  • Make sure all profile images are scaled to 48x48px to handle too large images (looking at you @marybethraven)
  • Attempt to fix wordwrap issue on Ubuntu – still working on that

Thanks to Brian Leonard from IBM for providing a widget descriptor to make installation a lot easier. Simply drag the link to your MyWidgets sidebar plug-in to install.

Thinking about improvements to TwitNotes – do you have any suggestions?

While I’m getting more and more absorbed into the twitterverse I’m also thinking about new ways to extend TwitNotes to make it even more useful in my day-to-day twittering. The search capability I added that hooks into Twitter search is nice but making searches persistent would be nice. By persistent I mean to have the option of having Twitter searches in separate, created-on-the-fly, sidebar plugins for easier reference. It might well be that it makes just as much sense to follow a hashtag as to follow your friends and your timeline. Also having separate access to your replies would be nice.

If you have comments and/or suggestions about improvements please drop me a comment or send me a direct message via Twitter. You can also simply reply to me.

TwitNotes – 1.0.5 is coming and has capability

In whatever spare time I have I’m working on finishing TwitNotes v. 1.0.5 so it’s ready for Notes 8.5 and Notes 8.0.2. Among other things TwitNotes now supports proxies by using the HTTP libraries built into Notes. It has been somewhat of a challenge but I’m getting there. Last night I thought I was done but no…

After hearing about the Twitter acquisition of Summize and trying it out I had to add this capability to TwitNotes. First I extended the Twitter Java API I’m using to support the JSON API for, then I extended the TwitNotes plug-in using the extension points already in place (to add a second tab) and voila! Searching in TwitNotes as you can see below.

I hope to get TwitNotes 1.0.5 out this week.

P.S.: If you’re running Notes 8.5 or Notes 8.0.2 and wanna beta test 1.0.5 drop me an e-mail…