TwitNotes – update on 1.0.3 progress

Who said a long off-line commute isn’t productive. I have been adding support for clickable links in the UI so that web-links and links to other Twitteres will be recognized in the UI. Links to other Twitteres will also be recognized within the body of the tweet as well. Presently the click-action for web links is to open the link in the default browser and the action for clicking a Twittere, is to filter the UI to posts by that user (I have added an action in the part menu to reset any filter that has been added). Please provide input on this behavior if you have opinions about this.

I need to finalize the API for this before releasing but a 1.0.3 release should be right around the corner.

4 thoughts on “TwitNotes – update on 1.0.3 progress”

  1. The stuff is very kewl!

    Quick suggestion:

    1) add an "update now" button next to the Tweet! — helps when coming back into network reach

    2) add a right click menu to copy a twit entry to the clipboard.

    🙂 stw


  2. Stephan,

    there is already an update action in the part menu but it’s called "Refresh data" and not update. About copying to clipboard – great idea and I have added it for 1.0.3.


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