Happy to see this fixed for Notes 9

When a user or delegated user creates a contact within the mail file, the contact is later archived. The ProtectFromArchive, $NoPurge and ExcludeFromView fields are not being saved to the document when contacts are created in the mail file. These fields are generated on contacts in the local names.nsf Contacts lists.
Resolving the problem This problem was reported to IBM Development in SPR PBAO7NKL2X and is resolved in 8.5.4 (aka version 9).”

Technote 1621998: Personal Contacts are Archived when the mail file is archived

Customizing the feature titles for IBM Connections mobile plus new URL handlers which are (almost) useful

Luis Benitez already blogged this (How To Customize the IBM Connections Mobile App for iOS, Android & BlackBerry) but I think it is so important that it bears mentioning again. With the latest update to IBM Connections (version CR2) you know have the option to customize the mobile apps using a new mobile-config.xml file. It allows you to configure settings to do with login and the general configuration of the app. An important point is also that it allows you to change the title of the features in the app which is great if you have change feature names in the web UI. We have customers that change some of the Danish translations (especially for Community because they feel that the Danish word really isn’t representative of the feature) so making that feature name change apply to the mobile UI’s are great.

To install the fixes simply download the IBM Connections CR2 jar-files and follow the steps from the technote (technote 1595154) to update IBM Connections. Please note that you need the newest update installer to perform the update.

As if this wasn’t enough Chris Reckling recently blogged (Custom URLs in IBM Connections Mobile Apps) on the new URL handlers that were added to the Connections mobile apps for iOS and Android. This means you can add a link in an email to take you directly to Profiles or a profile as well as Communities or a community. The URL’s are easy to use and pretty straight forward – to open John Does profile one could use ibmscp://com.ibm.connections/profiles?email=jdon%40example.com from anywhere on the app. Pretty neat.

There’s also a URL handlers to configure the app for a user to allow for easier set up of the app.

The URL handlers are great but I think it is too bad they didn’t add support for all features now they were at it. For instance having a direct link capability into Activities would be killer as it would allow you to add links to the email notifications that would take you to the mobile app instead of the web UI. Would have been soo cool and would have been something I could use now – having the Communities part is nice but I receive way more Activities notifications by email so a link capability there is worth much more to me. I hoping it will make it into the next update.

Windows 2008 64-bit can cause a significant CPU increase and I/O degradation when Domino opens many databases

Had a customer report the above issue and have it fixed by IBM so I thought others might benefit from it. The issue has been fixed as IBM SPR# KBRN8AKKA9. The technote is 1449825 and contains a lot of good info. Setting notes.ini “Disable_Random_RW_File_ATTR=1” fixes the issue.

“After Domino opens many NSF files in quick succession during a backup, the Virtual Address Space of the OS system cache may be completely used up (for example, 1TB of data may be used in this OS cache). Successive calls into the OS cache manager to get memory from the OS system cache then results in mapping/unmapping of views from the system cache. These mapping/unmapping operations takes a lot of CPU time and as a result shows as high OS CPU usage. In addition, because the large OS system cache may now reside on the disk (the RAM is not large enough to hold the OS system cache) this results in significant I/O on the system.”

Do not run both the CA process and ID Vault at the same time

Be aware of running both CA process and ID Vault at the same time as the ID stored in the vault hasn’t been certified yet. The limitation is understandable but why it’s possible (i.e. the checkbox is available in the UI) to store a newly registered ID when using CA process can be confusing.

For more info see technote 1367969: ID Vault upload during registration fails when using Certificate Authority

Allowing diagnostic data to be sent to IBM

What if the CRASH_SENDTOIBM notes.ini setting was set for all new Domino Server installations; imagine how much diagnostic information that IBM would gather that would make the product better for all of us? I know there are privacy concerns and test servers but still…

“When the Notes.INI setting CRASH_SENDTOIBM=1 is set on the server, no additional configuration is required. When the server restarts after a server crash, diagnostic information is collected and an email is sent to IBM.”

Technote 1321120: Allowing diagnostic data to be sent to IBM

Doing Java in Notes? – make sure you know about JavaCompilerTarget

I blogged about the JavaCompilerTarget back in August last year when Notes 8 came out as you needed it to enable Java 5 in Domino Designer. Last week some nice new info on this notes.ini setting came my way in the Design Partner forum for Domino NEXT. If you’re doing Java development in Notes you would want to read on.

And yes – I did check with IBM whether it was okay to blog it. Since this info is on its way out in technote (technote 1320401) it was fine that I blogged it.


In Notes/Domino 8.5, you can set the JavaCompilerTarget INI variable to any value from 1.1 through 1.6. Here is a draft of the documentation (Note: In the following text, we refer to JDK 1.6, which is also known as JDK 1.6.0 and JDK 6.0.)

By default, Notes/Domino 8.5 utilizes JDK 1.6 to compile and run agents, but it limits language features to maintain backwards compatibility through JDK 1.2, to allow agents to run on earlier Notes/Domino installations (and, more generally, with any JVM version earlier than the target flag), regardless of whether the new language features are actually used in the agent’s code (e.g., setting JavaCompilerTarget=1.6 could introduce the possibility of having an agent recompiled and replicated to a V8.0 server, and then failing to run). Additionally, problems could arise editing and saving agents compiled in Notes/Domino installations that are not using the same INI setting.

Developers must override the default behavior if they wish to use features specific to different JDKs. The default behavior is equivalent to the setting

In Notes/Domino V8.5, the developer may specify any JavaCompilerTarget from 1.1 to 1.6. (In each case, the -source flag is the latest source that can be specified with a particular -target flag.)

The developer may also specify
which means the target flag will be synced to the version in future Notes/Domino releases (e.g., if some future Notes/Domino version were to include JDK 1.9, then “JavaCompilerTarget=CurrentJavaVersion” would create “-target 1.9”).

JavaCompilerTarget Resulting compiler flags Agent would run on Notes/Domino versions
1.1 -source 1.3
-target 1.1
V5.0 or later
1.2 -source 1.3
-target 1.2
V6.0 or later
1.3 -source 1.3
-target 1.3
V6.0 or later
1.4 -source 1.4
-target 1.4
V7.0 or later
1.5 -source 1.5
-target 1.5
V8.0 or later
1.6 -source 1.6
-target 1.6
V8.5 or later
CurrentJavaVersion -source 1.6
-target 1.6
V8.5 or later

Remember that these settings may prevent compiled agents from running on some earlier Notes/Domino installations. Therefore, it is suggested that organizations use a consistent setting across machines.

Developers who will not be using language features specific to recent JDKs are encouraged to keep the default Notes/Domino behavior to maximize backward compatibility.