Thinking about improvements to TwitNotes – do you have any suggestions?

While I’m getting more and more absorbed into the twitterverse I’m also thinking about new ways to extend TwitNotes to make it even more useful in my day-to-day twittering. The search capability I added that hooks into Twitter search is nice but making searches persistent would be nice. By persistent I mean to have the option of having Twitter searches in separate, created-on-the-fly, sidebar plugins for easier reference. It might well be that it makes just as much sense to follow a hashtag as to follow your friends and your timeline. Also having separate access to your replies would be nice.

If you have comments and/or suggestions about improvements please drop me a comment or send me a direct message via Twitter. You can also simply reply to me.

8 thoughts on “Thinking about improvements to TwitNotes – do you have any suggestions?”

  1. Mikkel, I have to first of all confess to not using TwitNotes since maybe v1.0.2, so I might not be aware of some key functionality in more recent versions. That said, what would seem to make sense is to tie in the sidebar features to an actual nsf repository, which itself could be searched, browsed, etc. The sidebar would focus on the more "immediate" aspects of twittering, while the nsf is more useful for catching up or mining for "that thing that guy said 3 months ago but I can’t remember who or exactly when".

    The "Twitter.nsf" tool Thomas Adrian put together and about which I blogged seems a good start.


  2. Mikkel, I use TwitNotes everyday to keep an eye on whats happening.  I would like to be able to join multiple Twitter communities.  ie. One tab show’s Twitter, One tab shows internal Twitter app, One tab shows Bleedyellow’s twitter community etc.


  3. What would be a very useful addition would be replies to specific tweets as you can do in the web interface and some other clients. Right-click on a post and have a reply to tweet option.


  4. Never thought of using it in Symphony. Any error messages in the UI/tracelog? Once the error occurs please open Help/Support/View Trace and send me the contents of the log there. Thanks.


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