TwitNotes – features for 1.0.4

Just a quick update on what I’m working on for TwitNotes 1.0.4.

  • Fix bug where HTTP links take up too much space when painted (seen as a unnecessary space after a link). Done.
  • Make sure replies are retrieved as well as just status messages from the people you follow since you may otherwise miss some replies. Done.
  • Reset hover positions when auto updating the UI. Done.
  • Sort followers for direct messages in alphabetic order ignoring case. Done.
  • Minor tweaks you’ll never see… 🙂
  • Network awareness – no reason to go to the web if the Notes client know we’re not connected.
  • Proxy support

Now I have a question to you. Which feature would you like to see next?

16 thoughts on “TwitNotes – features for 1.0.4”

  1. Instead of having "Tweet!" and "Direct!" as separate actions, if I select someone in the combo-box, then I should direct to them, even if I click "Tweet!"  That bit me yesterday in a rather embarrassing fashion.

    I’d also personally like to be able to direct to someone by clicking their name, rather than having that default action be "filter by."  Filter seems pretty limited in usefulness to me.


  2. I can see that I tend to run out of real estate in my sidebar. So I’d like to see you drop some of the verbosity regarding how long time ago a twitter was added.

    For example, you could have it write "35m" instead of "35 minutes ago". It all adds up.

    Or you could write (35m/TwitNotes). Then we’d save even more.

    Every time my Notes Client starts, I have to fill in my Twitter username+password. Perhaps you could store it for me?


  3. Network detection and proxy support seem like big things for many enterprise customers. I can’t use TwitNotes in the office as it can’t connect through proxy and when it tries it seems to hang my Notes client for a few minutes each time.



  4. When new status message will come to display a notification window like when you send announcements in Sametime. Something similar you can see in integration of Twitterific with Growl. On my mac I keep twitterific window closed and read new statuses in Growl notifications. I think Sametime alerts ( can be used in same way.


  5. When a new status message comes to display a notification. On Mac OS X you can use Growl to display new status messages as they come in Twitteriffic. Sametime as far as I know has an API ( for dealing with such notifications and I think you can use it to display such notifications.


  6. how about some ways to filter? For instance, on FB, I have people in groups like LotusCommunity, IBM, Friends, Family, PSC, Clients, SchoolFriends, etc. I would love to do that with twittnotes (and people could go into multiple groups) and then filter what I see/what gets updated.

    also, how about a way to see history older than what is on screen. like the older link on the twitter page itself.

    sametime integration is good, but contact lookup would be killer. There are 3 custom fields on a contact in the Ntoes 8 design. You have to click the other information to see them. pick one of those and have me rename it to be TwitterName. Then connect the two. Let me do things like IM, email, etc.


  7. Would love to be able to copy and paste from the TwitNotes window (although the "live URLs" feature in 1.0.3 goes a l-o-n-g way toward solving the problem)


  8. Now you can right click and copy the entire post to the clipboard although right-clicking only works on links as of 1.0.3. The good thing is however that all posts has at least one link in the author of the post.

    You mean actually select text and copy part of the text to the clipboard?


  9. Yes – being able to grab a partial sentence, etc., would be great.

    However, as noted in my original note, this was a huge issue before you made URLs live. Not nearly as big a deal now …

    But I can still envision a scenario where you’d want to grab a bit of text: "You Tweeted ‘autocorrecting in an iPhone’ earlier, Did you see this: someURL"

    Anyway, I love what you’ve already done. Didn’t realize I could copy the entire post – so this is a really picky request …

    – Rob


  10. Hey Mikkel –

    It’s been a while since you have posted an update for the 1.0.4 release and I was just wondering if you had any news. I really want to start using TwitNotes, but due to the Internet proxy servers at the office I am unable to use it in its current state.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  11. I have been working a little on TwitNotes but mainly to port it to Notes 8.0.2 / 8.5 which has been a little work. Part of this is using the built-in network framework which will make TwitNotes proxy aware. I hope to get 1.0.5 (I might skip 1.0.4) out in July.


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