TwitNotes – 1.0.5 is coming and has capability

In whatever spare time I have I’m working on finishing TwitNotes v. 1.0.5 so it’s ready for Notes 8.5 and Notes 8.0.2. Among other things TwitNotes now supports proxies by using the HTTP libraries built into Notes. It has been somewhat of a challenge but I’m getting there. Last night I thought I was done but no…

After hearing about the Twitter acquisition of Summize and trying it out I had to add this capability to TwitNotes. First I extended the Twitter Java API I’m using to support the JSON API for, then I extended the TwitNotes plug-in using the extension points already in place (to add a second tab) and voila! Searching in TwitNotes as you can see below.

I hope to get TwitNotes 1.0.5 out this week.

P.S.: If you’re running Notes 8.5 or Notes 8.0.2 and wanna beta test 1.0.5 drop me an e-mail…

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