TwitNotes – v. 1.0.7 is out

Just uploaded TwitNotes v. 1.0.7 to the update site. It’s just a small bug fix release that fixes some minor things:

  • Easier searching by responding to pressing the Enter key on the Search tab
  • Make sure all profile images are scaled to 48x48px to handle too large images (looking at you @marybethraven)
  • Attempt to fix wordwrap issue on Ubuntu – still working on that

Thanks to Brian Leonard from IBM for providing a widget descriptor to make installation a lot easier. Simply drag the link to your MyWidgets sidebar plug-in to install.

4 thoughts on “TwitNotes – v. 1.0.7 is out”

  1. Also, how about putting the Tweet / Direct buttons *under* the input box? This would make it much more usable, and allow you to tweet, when running the sideshelf at a smaller width (e.g. Day-At-A-Glance calendar width)

    Thanks and keep up the great work. Will this be coming to OpenNTF soon?


  2. Just uploaded v. 1.0.9 to close the book on the twitnotes 1.0.x codestream. I’ve uploaded a widget descriptor as well and update the TwitNotes page with new screenshots, version history and easy access to the widget descriptor.

    Valid points about the action buttons though I’m pushing that feature change for TwitNotes 1.1. As to releasing it on openntf I guess I will – though I have to clear it internally… 🙂


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