Re: (y) becomes _

I think it’s a bug in the chat window display since inserting a space after the emoticon once you have written some more text displays the emoticon.

I did a video of the bug but for some reason Youtube wont convert it so please download it here.

(y) becomes _

Am I the only one where typing (y) in the Sametime chat windows doesn’t result in the yes-emoticon but an underscore instead? We’re seeing this across the office on Notes 8.0.1 Standard.

Update: Now 😀 also turn into an underscore instead of a grin-emoticon and apparently it happens in both ends of the conversation. Restarting the chat doesn’t solve the problem.

Sametime screencapture problems on Vista

I’m having major issues with using the Sametime screen capture tool on Vista (I’m on Notes 8.0.1 Standard on Microsoft Vista Ultimate). The tool works but it’s like the cursor is “stuck” somehow and the selection tool is very sluggish. Wierd!

The *very* wierd thing is that it works much better when the tool is started from the sidebar plug-in Connect client than from an active chat. Not perfect like on Windows XP but much better. Go figure!

Update: Now it’s also sluggish from the sidebar…

Upgraded to Notes 8.0.1

Did my upgrade to Notes 8.0.1 Standard today without any serious issues. Only thing I noticed was a strange password dialog (no option to change location) on my initial login to Notes after the installation. After that initial login the client went into “provisioning mode” where it looked as though the Expeditor underpinnings installed and uninstalled a large number of plug-ins. This was probably replacing the Lotus Productivity Editors with Lotus Symphony (beta 4).

Nothing else worth noticing – all in all a very uneventful upgrade. IMHO there’s no reason to hold of upgrading. Besides getting Symphony Beta 4 which is nice I’m now also a happy Sametime 8 user.