Upgraded to Notes 8.0.1

Did my upgrade to Notes 8.0.1 Standard today without any serious issues. Only thing I noticed was a strange password dialog (no option to change location) on my initial login to Notes after the installation. After that initial login the client went into “provisioning mode” where it looked as though the Expeditor underpinnings installed and uninstalled a large number of plug-ins. This was probably replacing the Lotus Productivity Editors with Lotus Symphony (beta 4).

Nothing else worth noticing – all in all a very uneventful upgrade. IMHO there’s no reason to hold of upgrading. Besides getting Symphony Beta 4 which is nice I’m now also a happy Sametime 8 user.

4 thoughts on “Upgraded to Notes 8.0.1”

  1. Can’t really tell but I’m the camp where that doesn’t mean too much to me. I usually start Notes once a day or every second day so whether it takes 20 seconds more or less doesn’t matter to me.


  2. We found that our virus scanner program was delaying startup by about 2 minutes.  We excluded the Notes program binaries directories and startup is now about 3 times quicker.

    On a similar issue. Can anyone tell me what version of Sametime is integrated into Notes 8.0.1 ?  ie is it Sametime 8 entry, standard, or advanced? Can this be re-packaged to include a different version ?(licensing not being an issue)


  3. Peter, excluding the Notes directory from virus scan has always been a best practice as there’s a lot of i/o activity. As to Sametime – Notes 8.0.1 comes with the Sametime 8.0 Connect client embedded. The actual license you use is controlled on the Sametime server and can be Entry or Standard based on those settings. Sametime Advanced requires a special WAS-based server. I seem to remember hearing that the Sametime Advanced plugins for the Sametime Connect client could be installed fine in Notes 8.


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