(y) becomes _

Am I the only one where typing (y) in the Sametime chat windows doesn’t result in the yes-emoticon but an underscore instead? We’re seeing this across the office on Notes 8.0.1 Standard.

Update: Now 😀 also turn into an underscore instead of a grin-emoticon and apparently it happens in both ends of the conversation. Restarting the chat doesn’t solve the problem.

4 thoughts on “(y) becomes _”

  1. Hi, this is probably due to incorrect entries in the emoticon palette. If you check maybe there’s a "text" entry in the palette that overrides the standard emoticon you expect? Or maybe you’ve checked that already?


  2. Both (y) and 😀 give me underscores in the 8.0.1 client. I tested in the 8.0 Connect client and this doesn’t happen. I exported the emoticon palettes from both and they look to be the same, so that’s not it.

    Interesting, if I type in (y)( then this is what I see in the chat window prior to hitting send: _(y)


  3. I just noticed this in my own client today; I don’t think it was happening up to now, though, as I think I’d have noticed it.  But maybe I just missed it.  I’m going to look into it, too, and will report back what I find.


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