Notes 8.0.1: I had to enable My Widgets

I have to enable “My Widgets” for the sidebar in the Preferences dialog in order for me to play with them This is done using File/Preferences, go to the “Widgets” category and enabling the “Show Widget Toolbar and the My Widgets Sidebar panel” option as shown below.

5 thoughts on “Notes 8.0.1: I had to enable My Widgets”

  1. I’m a longtime Notes developer brand new to ND8. I upgraded 6.5.6 on a test machine to 8.0.1. My preferences box looks almost exactly like the 6.5.6 preferences. I see no reference to Widgets. My preferences box looks nothing like the one pictured on this page. What am I missing? 

    Any assistance would be apprectiated.


  2. Notes 8.x comes in two flavors – basic and standard. Basic is a continuation of the 7.x code stream and standard is the new Eclipse based client. For most of the new features incl. My Widgets you want the standard client. Try opening your Notes client. If you do not see a little graphics on the lower right on the splash screen saying "built on Eclipse" you’re on the basic client. Consider upgrading… 🙂


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