Upgraded to Notes 8.0.1

Did my upgrade to Notes 8.0.1 Standard today without any serious issues. Only thing I noticed was a strange password dialog (no option to change location) on my initial login to Notes after the installation. After that initial login the client went into “provisioning mode” where it looked as though the Expeditor underpinnings installed and uninstalled a large number of plug-ins. This was probably replacing the Lotus Productivity Editors with Lotus Symphony (beta 4).

Nothing else worth noticing – all in all a very uneventful upgrade. IMHO there’s no reason to hold of upgrading. Besides getting Symphony Beta 4 which is nice I’m now also a happy Sametime 8 user.

New Sametime 8.0 Toolkit

The Sametime 8 SDK ships with a new toolkit called the Helper toolkit. The following is from the Sametime 8 SDK overview (Sametime_SDK_Overview.pdf).

“The Sametime Helper Toolkit is an API that provides an external interface to basic functionality of the Lotus Sametime Client. The Sametime Helper Toolkit is not intended to directly extend the capabilities of the Sametime Client. This toolkit differs from other Sametime client toolkits by providing an external interface to basic functionality exposed in the locally running desktop Lotus Sametime Client application. Applications that integrate the Sametime Helper API are essentially able to proxy the functionality of the locally running Sametime Client (Managing contacts, Starting chats, Alert notifications).”

Highlights of the Sametime Helper Toolkit

The Sametime Helper Toolkit exposes the following basic functionality of the Sametime Client:

  • Contact Management, Query, and Notification
  • Chat session initiation
  • Instant Share initiation


Be sure to review the API_Changes.txt file in the client/connect/doc directory of the SDK for changes in the public API.

New screenshot tool in Sametime 8

Adam Gartenberg shows how the screenshot tool in Sametime 8 Standard can be used outside of an active chat. What have been a bit disappointing so far was the lack of additional annotations once the image had been captured (see my previously post called “A bit disappointed with Sametime 7.5.1 screen capture annotations“).

So what I’m really excited about is that Adam came through for me/us. The tool now supports more annotation tools than simply freehand drawing. Now the tool supports annotations such as drawing shapes, arrows and setting the color. See the top of the two last screenshots in Adams post.