SmartCloud getting an overhaul this weekend with changes that is looooong overdue

This weekend (8-9 June 2013) IBM is releasing their June 2013 Update to the SmartCloud for Social Business. Besides layout changes and notes about the URL used to access the service IBM is finally adding support for the Microsoft Office connectors and the Windows Explorer connector so that, using “click to cloud”, users may save, open and edit Office documents and other files directory from SmartCloud. This is of course a big win for users and a byproduct of IBM transitioning the SmartCloud offering to use more and more of the stock, on-premises, IBM Connections product. But this should still have been delivered before. Another byproduct is that of supporting the media gallery and mobile using the IBM Connections app from the Appstore.

For me as a SmartCloud Sametime user the most important thing is IBM allowing the use of the screen capture tool and file transfer in chat. FINALLY!!!!! These “advanced” capabilities are *long* overdue and will be a welcome addition to the service. Why this has taken so long is beyond me but great to finally see it added. Now we *just* IBM to also add IBM Sametime Proxy support so webchat and chat from the iOS app will be supported. Hoping this wont take as long as adding something simple as file transfer and screen capture has.

Oh and IBM is janking support for Microsoft IE 7.

For the full list of changes see the release notes (requires a SmartCloud for Social Business login). There are restrictions to the availability of these additions which are outlined in the release notes.

6 thoughts on “SmartCloud getting an overhaul this weekend with changes that is looooong overdue”

  1. Mobile Sametime chat and meetings, Connections, and Traveler already are supported on SmartCloud. For Connections, we are supporting more of the services in Communities.

    Also, I seem to get automatically logged in to Sametime web client, so the proxy is there.

    Glad you like the changes!



  2. Mikkel,

    Is this the URL you were looking for ?


    One important new feature is Advanced Search – I have tested it in the sandbox environment, and it is realy great. As a heavy user of Smartcloud for Social Business I am most exited aout this new function.


  3. Hopefully they will fix the Smartcloud Meetings screen sharing issues for Mac users that were introduced a few weeks back. I was a big user of Smartcloud Meetings running 4-5 screen sharing meetings per week until it all stopped working. I am told they have identified the issue but are yet to roll it out. Fingers crossed it gets into this update.


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