IBM SmartCloud – credit where credit is due

On Friday I blogged about the changes that occured on IBM SmartCloud over the weekend (SmartCloud getting an overhaul this weekend with changes that is looooong overdue) and how I was waiting for IBM to add proper Sametime support in SmartCloud meaning Sametime Proxy, Sametime webchat and Sametime app support. As it turns out these capabilities are available just not visible in the dashboard or otherwise readily obvious. So I will give IBM credit for adding it but why didn’t I know?! Anyways – props to IBM.

So the Sametime webchat is available at and of course it also means that the Sametime Proxy is available. Whether we may use it for actual, 3rd party applications, I will need to find out. There are *still* some really annoying restrictions when it comes to the Sametime entitlement for Notes users (see this tweet). Still waiting for Scott Souder to come back on that one.

Another cool thing (which is an off-spring of the Sametime Proxy support) is that the iOS app works and Sametime availability works on my iPhone and iPad. And even better is that there is a pre-set community configuration for IBM SmartCloud so it’s real easy to configure. Pretty sweet.

2 thoughts on “IBM SmartCloud – credit where credit is due”

  1. Mikkel,

    Can you tell more about the pre-set community configurator for SmartCloud for Social Business ?

    I have not seen it yet, and I think I would like it too.



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