System user in IBM Connections activity stream needs to change

The other day I noticed an event in my activity stream for an activity that is about to be auto completed due to inactivity as shown in the screenshot below. There was no profile picture for this user so my first comment as “Hmmmmmm….” as all users posting to the activity stream in Connections must be in Profiles and hence would have a profile picture (in our environment).

actor: {
   objectType: "person",
   id: "",
   displayName: "SYSTEM"

Looking futher into the matter by looking at the stream feed revealed that the actor ID was set to Even more hmmmmm….. This user was definitely not in Profiles so I sent my “Crazy activity stream question of the day™” to a contact at IBM and all was revealed. I turns out that this is a shortcut / workaround that was implemented for this particular purpose which they know is a hack. Unfortunately there is no way to change the user posting these events or set the profile picture of the user. This is really too bad and something that I hope is rectified in a future version.

To learn more about the activity stream and how to work with it I humbly recommend my An Introduction to Working With the Activity Stream” presentation on Slidehare.