New CompApp url type (cai:///)

Niklas Heidloff is being very productive today on the CompApp wiki. He just uploaded another page called Pass Context to Components when opening Composite Applications. On this page he explains a new url type (cai:///):

“Opening a connection to a CAI URL will cause the corresponding application to be projected to the client or updated if already on the client, and then opened in the user interface to the specified page. If no page is specified, the first page in the application is opened.”

Besides being, as Nathan describes it, “hideous”, it’s never going to work IMHO. This approach fails the number one test for URL’s – they should be easily computable and/or written by users. How something with an appInstanceID of 63 characters (example: CFB7535080ECD4C270FDD126C5DD9E27_11_5JMPDRH1000980269G784H2GO4) came through QA I don’t know.

The page refers to M5 (probably milestone 5 for 8.5) and says that “we might publish [the url type] in Lotus Notes 8.0.1”. Let’s hope not!

Preemptive support from Atlassian

As you can see from the comments to my post on Watching wikis, the support team from Atlassian found my blog post on the problems I was having with the RSS feeds for the IBM Composite Application wiki. How cool is that the support team goes looking from issues to solve?

Does anyone know how to get in contact with the guys at IBM who run the wikis so the issue can be resolved? As you can see Atlassian already created the support ticket to get you guys going.

Watch wikis

Bob Balfe just blogged about how you can access the underlying data model for Composite Applications and how he wrote up a page on the Composite Application wiki. This is great but did you know that you can subscribe to the wikis and be notified when new content is added? Also without Bob blogging about it. One option is RSS and another is by e-mail. While I prefer RSS the wikis doesn’t allow that since the wiki (Atlassian Confluence) throws an exception due to a missing class.

caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
 at com.atlassian.xwork.results.RssResult.doExecute(

My guess is that the wiki is run on an IBM JVM and hence doesn’t have the referenced com.sun class. Any way it’s really bad form relying on classes in the com.sun namespace as they are not part of the official API so shame on Atlassian in this case.

Any ways for now e-mail notification is the way to go.