jWidgets to make it easier to develop Eclipse based components for composite applications

Perusing the the Composite Application Wiki I discovered a technology IBM calls jWidgets. Basically they are for Composite Application Java component development what iWidgets are to websites that is a widget framework for easily and more quickly doing stuff. Developing Java components for composite applications is a little hard as you have to manage wires etc. yourself. A framework would make that a lot easier and that’s exactly what jWidgets are.

Having the technology available to Lotus Notes (and not just Lotus Expeditor) would be really cool. From an IBM’er I however learned that they haven’t been formally tested in Notes, but the technical capability is there. They have only been tested formally in Lotus Expeditor 6.2.2.

jWidgets – Easy Creation of Java Composite Application Components

Notes / Eclipse / Lotus Expeditor mapping

Developing plug-ins for Lotus Notes or Expeditor can be complicated enough but you also have to look out for platform differences and the difference in capabilities between different Notes/Expeditor/Eclipse versions. To make this easier for myself I’ve started compiling a Notes version to Eclipse version to Expeditor version mapping table (Notes / Eclipse / Lotus Expeditor mapping).

If you know one of the missing versions please let me know so the table may be complete and be a good reference for us all.