New Sametime 8.0 Toolkit

The Sametime 8 SDK ships with a new toolkit called the Helper toolkit. The following is from the Sametime 8 SDK overview (Sametime_SDK_Overview.pdf).

“The Sametime Helper Toolkit is an API that provides an external interface to basic functionality of the Lotus Sametime Client. The Sametime Helper Toolkit is not intended to directly extend the capabilities of the Sametime Client. This toolkit differs from other Sametime client toolkits by providing an external interface to basic functionality exposed in the locally running desktop Lotus Sametime Client application. Applications that integrate the Sametime Helper API are essentially able to proxy the functionality of the locally running Sametime Client (Managing contacts, Starting chats, Alert notifications).”

Highlights of the Sametime Helper Toolkit

The Sametime Helper Toolkit exposes the following basic functionality of the Sametime Client:

  • Contact Management, Query, and Notification
  • Chat session initiation
  • Instant Share initiation


Be sure to review the API_Changes.txt file in the client/connect/doc directory of the SDK for changes in the public API.

4 thoughts on “New Sametime 8.0 Toolkit”

  1. Yeah this is what they used to build the Office awareness, they should make more noise about this toolkit as it is of great benefit for companies with departments that build vb or .net apps.


  2. I was actually wondering the very same thing earlier today when digging for some other Sametime API related info on my blog. I think the "Helper API" as I put it is actually the "Sametime Web API" which is a Javascript library but which actually uses a HTTP socket "behind the scenes". This means that you could just as well use the HTTP interface as the Javascript library does. We actually do this in a product at my company thus we have able to Sametime enable a product written in a non-Lotus language.


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