Lotusphere 2007: The power of DXL (AD503)

Apart from being told that the DXL implementation in Notes/Domino 8 will be able to surface the source code and WSDL from web services the session was below my expectations.

The fact that the source code of web services will be surfaced will make LotusScript.doc able to pick it up which is nice since I’ve had problems with this in the past (Domino 7 web services woes). I talked to the developers about this last year and it appears I’ve been heard. Thank you for that!

Lotusphere 2007: Lotusphere Online runs Notes 8 and Lotus Connections

I got pleasently surprised as I logged into Lotusphere Online on-site for the first time yesterday. Last year the site used DWA but this year we’re running Notes 8 beta 1. Nice!! It’s cool to be able to play around with it on your own pace. I didn’t play with it too much but I already dig the new thumbnail functionality.

Apart from Notes 8 there’s also a running instance of the newly announced Lotus Connections. Very nice!! Seems like Lotus is really listening and giving us Lotus geeks access to the real stuff. Me like it… 😉

I know I’m gonna get in trouble for saying this but who needs a Mac when you can run Notes 8 on SUSE Linux Desktop (SLED) with the “cube-desktop” functionality?

Lotusphere 2007: Run your Update Sites from Domino (ID211)

Just attended ID211 by Thomas Gumz from IBM on how you can use Domino as the source for your Update Site to provision features and plug-ins to Sametime 7.5, Expeditor and Notes 8. Lotus has built a really cool template, shipping with Notes 8, that allows you to run an Update Site out of a Notes database instead of using a file system based site. Very cool.

Thomas also mentioned that in Notes 8 you can provision features and plug-ins using NRPC instead of HTTP for remote sites. This will only work against Domino 8 servers since this is a new call that has been added to the NRPC protocol. The URL syntax will be something like nrpc://intranet.company.com/_<replica_id>/updatesite.nsf instead of the http:// equivalent.

Lotusphere 2007: Sametime 7.5 and Notes 8 sidebar compability

After INV107 I talked to Kevin Cavanaugh since I wanted to hear if the the extension point (com.ibm.collaboration.realtime.imhub.miniApps) we currently use for miniApps in Sametime 7.5 will be the same as we should use in Notes 8 sidebar applications.

It turns out that the extension point name will be changed with the Sametime 7.5.1 release. From thereon it will be frozen and the extension point name will be the same for Sametime 7.5.x miniApps and Notes 8 sidebar applications.

A small detail worth noticing…

Lotusphere 2007: Future plans for Notes and Domino

I just attended INV107 (IBM Lotus Notes and Domino: A Look Ahead) by Penny Scharfman and Kevin Cavanaugh to hear a little about the future of Notes and Domino. Apart from hearing about Notes and Domino 8 they also showed a roadmap for Notes and Domino towards version 9 or “Next” as it is currently called.

Public beta of Notes 8 will start at the end of February/start of March. The URL to watch is http://www.lotus.com/beta/nd8. Nothing is there yet but come March there will be.

Some of the stuff Lotus is looking at for Notes and Domino “Next” Lotus is:

  • Support for using an external LDAP directory instead of Domino Directory (names.nsf)
  • Allowing for the Notes id-file to be an optional extra that is not being required anymore
  • Major overhaul of shared templates

Lotusphere 2007: Composite applications – I’m psyched!!

What’s that sound? Wait – it’s the pieces falling into place for the Notes 8 client and the Lotus strategy! After going to JMP401 yesterday (Introduction to Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and IBM Websphere Portal) I’m psyched! The presenters showed us how to build composite applications in Notes 8, Portal and Expeditor and I must admit that – hands down – I’m impressed. Very impressed!

I don’t want to come of sounding too much as a fan-boy but I was very impressed by what I saw. It is as though all the technologies that have been introduced over the last few years (e.g. portlets, DXL, plug-ins for Eclipse) all fit into the greater scheme of things. I found myself numerous times simply smiling and thinking to myself that this is what we, as Notes developers, have been wanting to do for so long. Imagine a composite application in Notes 8, which btw is mostly done using drag’n’drop, that leverage existing Notes databases (or NSF-components as we are to call them), JSR-168 portlets and custom Eclipse ViewParts for those things that need that extra level of presentational control or which simply doesn’t lend itself to be realized using NSF of other types of components.

As a Notes developer you might ask why all this portlet/JSR-168 technology is interesting. I too used to be a sceptic but I’m turning on a plate. A JSR-168 portlet will be *the* way to directly leverage your existing investments in EJB or other J2EE technology. Due to the builders that IBM provides in Portal Factory you can now natively link CRM data to Notes data. No more nightly moving data around. All this from the RCP application of choice – Notes 8!

As for the session… After some general introduction the presenters dived into the good stuff and in turn showed how to create composite applications in Notes 8, Portal and Expeditor. Although we have to get used to a couple of new words there’s so much exiting stuff there that I can’t wait to get my hands on the Notes 8 client. It actually seems like all our prayers will be answered and that Notes 8 will become the client of choice for the rich client experience.

During the session I wrote over 4 pages of notes so I have to gather my thoughts a little before I write too much more about the session but expect a write-up of the key points.

Oh – JMP401 was my second session on Sunday! Can’t wait to hear what IBM’s going to announce in the upcoming General Opening Session. Rumours talk of exiting new stuff…

Can it get much better than this?

Lotusphere 2007: The expanded Jumpstart service is great!

It’s really starting to feel like Lotusphere! The hallway was crowded with people. All is looking really enthusiastic and it looks like everyone is happy that the conference has finally started.

Also it’s *really* nice that Lotus has expanded the service to include the Sunday as well. Last year the Sunday didn’t include any service at all. This year breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch is all included. Nice!

It’s the little things…

Ooops… The next session is starting.

Lotusphere 2007: BALD

After going shopping yesterday for new clothes since I still hadn’t received my suitcase I went to the Blogger Annual Lotusphere Dinner at the Brewery on the Boardwalk. I didn’t get to go last year because I got in at 2am on Sunday morning so it was nice being able to go.

For those interested – and to get that out of the way – I did get a new set of very nice clothes. And yes – this was why my outfit was entirely from Oakly! People at the BALD were *very* impressed by that! 😉

Anyways… I sat down next to Tom Duff aka Duffbert as I by chance ended up in the same Mears shuttle from Orlando airport to the Dolphin as he did. I thought it would be a good place to start. At the same table were Julian, jonvon and Warren and Kitty Elsmore. We quickly got to talking so that was nice. Nice beer as well!

We quickly agreed that in a virtual crowd like this it isn’t so much name to face but domain name to face… It’s weird knowing people without recognizing their face. A picture on you blog should be mandatory! For those here at Lotusphere you might want to swing by the session on the IBM blog template by jonvon to see how.

The mingling continued and I got to talk to numerous bloggers there – very nice. Even met Stephan Wissel (wissel.net) who’s here all the way from Singapore. 11 hours difference – wow! He looked surprisingly fresh though.

After a couple of hours I went home to take a shower before going to the ESPN bar at 8pm but I never got there as the jetlag caught up with me. Bummer! Well another lesson learned before next year.

Gotta go get breakfast – more later. The show is about to begin!

P.S.: Did anyone see who scored my two t-shirts?