Lotusphere 2007: Future plans for Notes and Domino

I just attended INV107 (IBM Lotus Notes and Domino: A Look Ahead) by Penny Scharfman and Kevin Cavanaugh to hear a little about the future of Notes and Domino. Apart from hearing about Notes and Domino 8 they also showed a roadmap for Notes and Domino towards version 9 or “Next” as it is currently called.

Public beta of Notes 8 will start at the end of February/start of March. The URL to watch is http://www.lotus.com/beta/nd8. Nothing is there yet but come March there will be.

Some of the stuff Lotus is looking at for Notes and Domino “Next” Lotus is:

  • Support for using an external LDAP directory instead of Domino Directory (names.nsf)
  • Allowing for the Notes id-file to be an optional extra that is not being required anymore
  • Major overhaul of shared templates