Lotusphere 2007: Run your Update Sites from Domino (ID211)

Just attended ID211 by Thomas Gumz from IBM on how you can use Domino as the source for your Update Site to provision features and plug-ins to Sametime 7.5, Expeditor and Notes 8. Lotus has built a really cool template, shipping with Notes 8, that allows you to run an Update Site out of a Notes database instead of using a file system based site. Very cool.

Thomas also mentioned that in Notes 8 you can provision features and plug-ins using NRPC instead of HTTP for remote sites. This will only work against Domino 8 servers since this is a new call that has been added to the NRPC protocol. The URL syntax will be something like nrpc://intranet.company.com/_<replica_id>/updatesite.nsf instead of the http:// equivalent.

One thought on “Lotusphere 2007: Run your Update Sites from Domino (ID211)”

  1. Hi Mikkel,

    thanks for attending my session, it was nice to have you there and finally meeting you… and glad to hear that you’ll find it useful to be able to use a Domino db for provisioning plugins…we certainly think so, too 😉


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