Lotusphere 2007: Lotusphere Online runs Notes 8 and Lotus Connections

I got pleasently surprised as I logged into Lotusphere Online on-site for the first time yesterday. Last year the site used DWA but this year we’re running Notes 8 beta 1. Nice!! It’s cool to be able to play around with it on your own pace. I didn’t play with it too much but I already dig the new thumbnail functionality.

Apart from Notes 8 there’s also a running instance of the newly announced Lotus Connections. Very nice!! Seems like Lotus is really listening and giving us Lotus geeks access to the real stuff. Me like it… 😉

I know I’m gonna get in trouble for saying this but who needs a Mac when you can run Notes 8 on SUSE Linux Desktop (SLED) with the “cube-desktop” functionality?

4 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2007: Lotusphere Online runs Notes 8 and Lotus Connections”

  1. Well that’s just the question… I guess it should be possible due to the programming model in Notes 8. Even if it isn’t it looks as though it should be quite simple to work around a limitation like this. You can do the application as a composite application and simply have a LotusScript driven component (or “window”) that opens the document. That’s one of the advantages of the composite application model.

    I’ll have to go by the Meet The Developers lab later today so I’ll ask them. Stay tuned…


  2. Well I went and talked to the developers and it appears that Java being entirely backend in Notes wont change. To do what you are describing you would need to do a composite application.

    The way to do it could be a have the Java component publish the determining property (e.g. the UNID of the document to show) to the property broker and have another window subscribe to the property. This other window could be driven by LotusScript and bring the document to the UI using the UI classes.

    I think it is a viable alternative.


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