Lotus Connections and FeedDemon 2.5 RC1

I’m now on the Lotus Connections site and I think it’s great. Looks very promising though I haven’t played enough with it yet. I very much like the Dogear functionality though I need to find a blog to post links to it from FeedDemon as I do with del.cio.us using the “blog this” functionality. It appears there is an API so it should be fairly easy to figure out.

I haven’t Googled it yet so someone might already have figured it out.

Also – upgraded to FeedDemon 2.5 RC1 without any problems. I have been running the betas since beta 1 without any issues what so ever (apart from occasional hangs which I blame on IE 7 more than FeedDemon). If you’re not already using FeedDemon you really owe it to yourself and your feed reading to check it out.

Problem managing your feeds? Look to the dinasaur report!

At the blogger BOF at Lotusphere 2007 a question was asked as to how one keeps up with all the blogs. The first part of the answer is to use a feed reader such as FeedDemon and the other part is to clean up regularly. Since it can be a problem to know which feeds aren’t updating you need some kind of tool. Again FeedDemon comes to the rescue.

I just upgraded to FeedDemon 2.5 Beta 1 for one feature, and one feature alone – the Dinosaur report. I installed the beta over my existing FeedDemon installation and loaded up the report and man have I been waiting for this! The report shows you all the feeds that haven’t been updated in a certain period of time and lets you easily unsubscribe from them. The report can be adjusted to show feeds that haven’t updated in 10, 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. This simple, yet powerful, feature allowed me to quickly unsubscribe from 76 feeds that haven’t been updating in 90 days. Nice!

Upgraded to FeedDemon 2.1 BETA 2

Just upgraded my RSS reader of choice, FeedDemon, to version 2.1 BETA 2 and I must say it is nice. I’m not much for beta software for my critical applications, and FeedDemon falls in that category, but I upgraded to have a small bug with FeedStation (the built in podcast-catcher) fixed. The release adds numerous small improvements to the UI and other pieces of small utility functionality (such as copying feed addresses etc.).

I especially like the highlighting of search terms in “Watches” (search based feeds inside FeedDemon) and the pagination of feeds with a lot of content. Previously it was sometimes difficult to see why a post was added to a Watch but not so anymore.

As to the stability I haven’t had any issues with BETA 1 or BETA 2 besides the application taking a little longer than usual to synchronize with NewsGator.

FeedDemon helps you manage your feeds

Just noticed a (new) feature in FeedDemon (I’m running version that allows you to automatically unsubscribe from a feed if there are no updated within the defined number of days. That’s really cool for comment feeds which is becoming increasingly popular. Nice! If only I would be able to set this on entire feed folders and/or have feeds added to a specific folder automatically inherit the setting. See – that would be totally cool! At present I have to remember setting the flag on all comment feeds I subscribe to.