Lotus Connections and FeedDemon 2.5 RC1

I’m now on the Lotus Connections site and I think it’s great. Looks very promising though I haven’t played enough with it yet. I very much like the Dogear functionality though I need to find a blog to post links to it from FeedDemon as I do with del.cio.us using the “blog this” functionality. It appears there is an API so it should be fairly easy to figure out.

I haven’t Googled it yet so someone might already have figured it out.

Also – upgraded to FeedDemon 2.5 RC1 without any problems. I have been running the betas since beta 1 without any issues what so ever (apart from occasional hangs which I blame on IE 7 more than FeedDemon). If you’re not already using FeedDemon you really owe it to yourself and your feed reading to check it out.

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