Upgraded to FeedDemon 2.1 BETA 2

Just upgraded my RSS reader of choice, FeedDemon, to version 2.1 BETA 2 and I must say it is nice. I’m not much for beta software for my critical applications, and FeedDemon falls in that category, but I upgraded to have a small bug with FeedStation (the built in podcast-catcher) fixed. The release adds numerous small improvements to the UI and other pieces of small utility functionality (such as copying feed addresses etc.).

I especially like the highlighting of search terms in “Watches” (search based feeds inside FeedDemon) and the pagination of feeds with a lot of content. Previously it was sometimes difficult to see why a post was added to a Watch but not so anymore.

As to the stability I haven’t had any issues with BETA 1 or BETA 2 besides the application taking a little longer than usual to synchronize with NewsGator.