Instapaper – found the feed for Liked

I’m a giant fan of Instapaper and use it all the time to track stuff to read and actually read it when offline in a plane or whenever I have a few minutes. It’s great. I like to share articles I like using twitter but I just found out there is a RSS feed to liked articles as well. My feed for liked articles is also available so feel free to track it if you’re interested in what I like on Java, JavaScript, XPages or appdev in general. Feel free to follow the feed if you like.

FeedDemon helps you manage your feeds

Just noticed a (new) feature in FeedDemon (I’m running version that allows you to automatically unsubscribe from a feed if there are no updated within the defined number of days. That’s really cool for comment feeds which is becoming increasingly popular. Nice! If only I would be able to set this on entire feed folders and/or have feeds added to a specific folder automatically inherit the setting. See – that would be totally cool! At present I have to remember setting the flag on all comment feeds I subscribe to.

Security threats of syndicated content

There are a number of interesting discussions going on at the moment about the inherent threats of syndicated content sparked by a presentation at the Black Hat 2006 event. I like the way Don Park puts it in his “Comment on Microsoft Embracing RSS“-post:

"If you subscribe to 1000 feeds, you are hanging on a chain with 1000 links. Each of those 1000 links (feeds) are potential targets for hackers to attack to gain control over its content. All they need is one vulnerable feed hosting server to change what is delivered to your desktop."

Something to think about – especially when thinking about how Notes/Domino 7.0.2 will be able to deliver RSS feeds to your employees. I recommend the above post or the Dons other post (Syndicated Vulnerability) to get started.