Websphere Application Server WIM LDAP adapter log trace

When debugging LDAP login issues for Websphere Application Server (WAS) you’re actually debugging the WIM (Websphere Identity Manager) part of WAS. The actual login piece is part of the adapters (database, ldap, file) which is the repository specific piece that WIM delegate the actual authentication to. The best debug string to use is “com.ibm.ws.wim.adapter.ldap.*=finest” as it limits the debugging to the LDAP piece of WIM.

5 thoughts on “Websphere Application Server WIM LDAP adapter log trace”

  1. Sorry, I am not a WebSphere admin so I missed the context of where this debug string is actually. I would appreciate some context to the statement so I can follow and perhaps set this up in our WebSphere server. 


  2.  The steps may vary slightly between different versions of Websphere Application Server but to access the debug settings do as follows:

    Log into the ISC

    Expand "Toubleshooting" and select "Logs and trace"

    Select the server to enable logging for e.g. "Connections_server1"

    Select "Change log detail levels"

    Select between "Configuration" meaning that the changes are persisted across restarts or "Runtime" to change log level on the fly for a running server

    Once you’ve selected where to apply the log settings specify the log level in the field or expand the "Components and groups" to point’n’click to choose the levels (UI here depends a little on the Websphere version)


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