Setting up LDAP failover for Websphere Application Server

As you may know LDAP is crucial to Websphere Application Server (WAS) when using it for IBM Connections so it makes good sense to configure failover for LDAP. If the LDAP server becomes unavailable you can no longer log in (actually you can’t even log into ISC – see Websphere Application Server Security – make sure file based auth continues if federated repository is unavailable) and WAS can have a hard time reconnecting to the LDAP. Failover is set up using either the ISC Federated Security UI or by editing wimconfig.xml directly (or using wsadmin commands). Using wimconfig.xml have some advantages as you can set some additional parameters. The screenshot below shows a secondary LDAP server added to the ISC.

Editing wimconfig.xml (see the wim/config-subdirectory of the cell configuration directory e.g. c:wasprofilesdmgrconfigcellsLCCell01wimconfigwimconfig.xml) is easy as well. You simply add an additional LDAP server to the config:ldapServers tag as shown below. The parameters in bold can be used to make sure that WAS return to the primary LDAP server (first listed) and optionally what the poll time should be (in minutes).

<config:ldapServerConfiguration primaryServerQueryTimeInterval="15"
   <config:ldapServers authentication="simple" bindDN="cn=LDAP User,o=Example"
      bindPassword="{xor}removed :)" connectionPool="false" connectTimeout="0"
      derefAliases="always" referal="ignore" sslEnabled="false">
      <config:connections host="" port="389"/>
      <config:connections host="" port="389"/>

Full info in the info center under Primary and secondary LDAP server failover.

One thought on “Setting up LDAP failover for Websphere Application Server”

  1.  Hi ,

    Very Informative , Thank you for the , I have a question here ,what if there is only one Federated Repository set up and there’s many entries of "LDAP Connectivity status " written in the SystemOut.log.

    # Even after modifying the returnToPrimaryServer="false" also the same message (LDAP successfully connected ) logs in SystemOut.log.

    # How to disable or decrease the logging of such messages inthe logs .




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