7 thoughts on “Lotus Expeditor Toolkit 6.2.2 now available as a ZIP-file”

  1. Hi Mikkel,

    do you know any issues why the notes client crashes when you start notes via eclipse? (Notes 8.5.2 & Expeditor Toolkit 6.2.2 & Eclipse 3.4.2)

    In debug mode notes crashes instantly and if i just run the configuration it takes several seconds.

    these are the arguments which i’m using:

    program arguments:

    -os ${target.os} -ws ${target.ws} -arch ${target.arch} -nl ${target.nl}

    -personality com.ibm.rcp.platform.personality

    -product com.ibm.notes.branding.notes



    vm arguments:















    thanks in advance,



  2.  I download and try to install expeditor toolkt 6.2.2 into eclipse v4.2 Juno. I can’t install and I don’t know why. I installed it in my old erclipse v3.4 and it is worknig. Any idea and any information to sovle this issue. Thanks. Gary


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