Do not run both the CA process and ID Vault at the same time

Be aware of running both CA process and ID Vault at the same time as the ID stored in the vault hasn’t been certified yet. The limitation is understandable but why it’s possible (i.e. the checkbox is available in the UI) to store a newly registered ID when using CA process can be confusing.

For more info see technote 1367969: ID Vault upload during registration fails when using Certificate Authority

4 thoughts on “Do not run both the CA process and ID Vault at the same time”

  1. Ahhh good – consider it a note to self then… 🙂 It’s not a problem for my customer though as ids are harvested when users log into Notes but the admin. UI should at least be updated to restrict users from causing issues you know will happen.


  2. Please note that the only thing with CA process and ID vault you cannot do is store the newly registered id files directly in ID vault. You have to store the id-files in Domino Directory and then have ID vault harvest them when the user signs in for the first time.

    As to reverting… Well there is nothing in the CA process that you don’t have in other places that is the certifier id’s. As to ID Vault it’s the same thing. At least the id-files are also on user workstations so you should be able to "get out".


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