Finding Installshield Tuner on Passport – impossible?

Now I have spent the better part of the morning trying to locate InstallShield Tuner for Notes on the Passport site without any luck. The part number for Notes 7 listed in technote 1226984 (p/n: C47CQNA) doesn’t help either since they appear to be for Microsoft Outlook for Domino… 😦

I’m quite sure it used to be there…

Update: Apparently the key is to search for p/n CR31VNA on Passport. Why I simply cannot search for the p/n of the actual install (C84T5NA) still doesn’t make any sense to me. Via

IBM – Failover does not work for @Db Functions in Notes

Technote 1093915 outlines some information which is nice to remember when using @Formula to access databases in clusters. After considering this technote you might want a scheduled LotusScript or Java agent to discover the replica id of the target database and store the replica id in a profile document for usage by formula agents. This approach is usable if you want failover to work correctly and doesn’t want to hardcode the replica id into agents which I always consider bad practice.

IBM – Failover does not work for @Db Functions in Notes

Potential IBM Lotus Notes information leakage on port 1352

Andrew Christiansen contacted IBM® Lotus® to report a potential vulnerability
in unauthenticated transactions using the Notes Remote Procedure Call (NRPC)
protocol on port 1352.
The advisory address is as follows:

The NRPC protocol uses an unauthenticated transaction to look up a user
who is not yet authenticated so that the user can fetch their ID file during
Notes® setup. This transaction is optionally used when a user is first
registered or when a roaming user connects from a new client."

IBM Lotus Notes information leakage on port 1352 via the Lotus Domino Support RSS feed.

Technote 1188789: Supported versions of Java with IBM Lotus Products

Apart from the fact that the table looks like it was put together by someone high on drugs it contains some nice-to-know information about the different JVM versions across IBM Lotus products. One of those technotes it is nice to know when in doubt…

Via the Lotus Domino Support RSS feed: Supported versions of Java with IBM Lotus Products

Interesting technote on maximum execution time of LotusScript agents

I was quite surprised the read the snippet from the cited technote below but after thinking about it, it makes sense. How would the AMgr know beforehand how long time the agent would run and hence how to keep the Terminate event inside the maximum execution time…

“By design, the Terminate event will execute after an agent has been halted for passing the time-out setting. The best coding practice would be to have only necessary clean-up operations within the Termination event. The main operations of the agent should reside in the Initialize event.”

Via the Lotus Support RSS feed: Terminate Event of a LotusScript Agent continues running after the Max Execution time (technote 1201324)