Allowing diagnostic data to be sent to IBM

What if the CRASH_SENDTOIBM notes.ini setting was set for all new Domino Server installations; imagine how much diagnostic information that IBM would gather that would make the product better for all of us? I know there are privacy concerns and test servers but still…

“When the Notes.INI setting CRASH_SENDTOIBM=1 is set on the server, no additional configuration is required. When the server restarts after a server crash, diagnostic information is collected and an email is sent to IBM.”

Technote 1321120: Allowing diagnostic data to be sent to IBM


Today is slow on new topics so I thought I would share a nice (D)IIOP notes.ini related setting for the Domino server. When you run the Domino IIOP server behind a NAT’ed connection you will need to change the IP address that the server publishes through its diiop_ior.txt file. If you don’t clients will try to connect to the un-NAT’ed IP address instead of the NAT’ed one (since that’s the one Domino binds to).

The solution is to set the DIIOP_IOR_HOST notes.ini setting to the NAT’ed address and restart the DIIOP task. This will make the diiop_ior.txt contain the NAT’ed address.

Please note that the setting is called DIIOPIORHOST from Domino 7 and onwards but DIIOP_IOR_HOST is still supported as stated in the notes.ini documentation on developerWorks.