If you’re wondering why your widget catalog deployment doesn’t work…

…then make sure your widget catalog is in the root of the server. This will be fixed in Notes 8.5.1 and a SPR has been generated (SPR #DMDD7Q4MWT) for Notes 8.5 FP1 so open an PMR and vote for it if this is important enough for you. For the record the way that this works is by the Notes client having a replication event listener for the widget catalog database.

Patch for lost messages in Sametime 7.5.1 tabbed chat interface

As previously mentioned (Sametime 7.5.1 tabbed interface is loosing messages!) I upgraded to Sametime Connect 7.5.1 and began loosing chat messages when using the new tabbed chat interface. I was kindly informed by Hans-Peter Kuessner from Domblog.de of two IBM patches for the issue. I contacted Lotus Support and requested the hotfixes and promptly received them. I have provisioned the hotfix to my users using the automatisk provisioning built into Sametime 7.5. The automatic update of user Connect clients has worked like a charm and the patch has solved the issue. Nice!

Below is a screenshot of the dialog shown to users after the patch has been automatically installed and a screenshot of the “Manage plug-ins” dialog after the feature patch has been installed.

Only feature I could see the need for would be some way to see which users have installed the patch and who haven’t. Of cause users do not have the option of not installing the patch but still it would be nice to know how many of the users have been updated. Some might be connecting from home where they might not have access to the update site. I haven’t checked the log so strictly speaking I don’t know if it’s there but somehow I doubt it.