If you’re wondering why your widget catalog deployment doesn’t work…

…then make sure your widget catalog is in the root of the server. This will be fixed in Notes 8.5.1 and a SPR has been generated (SPR #DMDD7Q4MWT) for Notes 8.5 FP1 so open an PMR and vote for it if this is important enough for you. For the record the way that this works is by the Notes client having a replication event listener for the widget catalog database.

3 thoughts on “If you’re wondering why your widget catalog deployment doesn’t work…”

  1. If you have a support contract you can log a customer incident against the SPR with your own PMR.

    This does impact if an SPR will be fixed or released.

    However there are a large number of other factors as well, so it is not always a guarantee of a fix being released.

    For example, it may be a small fix for the developer but require extensive testing across the whole product to determine if it impacts anything else (just 1 example).

    Either way though, if this is an issue for you, then you should log a call.


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