Question on LotusScript.doc HTML output

I have been hard at work on version 2 of LotusScript.doc and I’m getting very close to a beta candidate. My main issue is that I keep adding features instead of finishing the core product as I now have a framework that is far more extensible than the version 1 code.

I’m currently finishing the framed HTML output that also shipped with version 1 and in that regard I have a question for LotusScript.doc users. Which parts of the HTML output do you actually use? In version 1 you could select to include the follow design element types and have output about these output to the documentation:

  • Script libraries
  • Agents
  • Database script
  • Forms
  • Views
  • Pages
  • Shared actions

Which parts do you actually use? Is there a better way to do it? Any parts that should highlighted differently?

Please donate

Based on prior and recent recommendations I have set up a Paypal account to accept donations to finance the development of the free version of LotusScript.doc version 2. All donations will be very much appreciated and help me justify the time I put into this.

LotusScript.doc – an update…

So it’s been very quiet lately around LotusScript.doc and I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t written anything publicly about it for a long time. Prompted by this comment and numerous conversations at ILUG2008 I think it’s time for an update.

The state of affairs is that version 2 is almost done. With that said with new job and rebuilding my appartment I just haven’t had the time. Playing with new projects like TwitNotes has also taken some attention away from the project. Since it’s been so long I cannot remember the exact state of the project but I seem to remember that I’m very close to a release candidate. Last time I worked on the code I was writing @-command recognizers. All the major code stuff is done with the new engine being in Java. Apart from finishing the recognizers I also need to wire the new backend code to the UI and maybe look into doing a new UI.

All in all I should be able to have at least a release candiate ready at the end of the summer. Still no promises but I really want to have this done and out the door.

I’ll post more when I have more info to share and when I have looked into the code base again. After all – isn’t that what long flat stages in the Tour de France is for? 🙂

It’s been quiet in LotusScript.doc land but…

…I have been hard at work and I’m getting close to a pre-release of LotusScript.doc v.2.

LotusScript.doc v. 2 is being completely rewritten from scratch (in Java), supports multi-threading and handles a wide array of new design elements compared to the 1.0.x code stream. The code and comment parsing is done and I’m currently working some of the more esoteric parsing bugs out.

One of the design goals for version 2 is also adding support for other output formats than the “traditional” framed HTML view. Writing custom output formats will also be possible using a template engine. I’m planning to ship the following documentation formats:

  • XML
  • Traditional framed HTML
  • A more comprehensive HTML report
  • PDF
  • DocBook

The main XML format is almost done and it’s what I wanted to show of today and is what I’m showing above. Click the image (or here) for a larger version. The larger XML snippet shows:

  • Ability to see which subforms are used from which forms
  • Ability to see which embedded views are used from which forms/pages and what their singlecategory formula is (if any)
  • Support for buttons (anonymous and named)
  • Support for actions (in action bar and as shared actions)
  • Ability to see which shared actions are used from which action bars
  • Support for subforms

The list of new features is quite a lot longer including vast performance improvements but lets not get carried away. Of cause the XML format will also carry the code comments.