It’s been quiet in LotusScript.doc land but…

…I have been hard at work and I’m getting close to a pre-release of LotusScript.doc v.2.

LotusScript.doc v. 2 is being completely rewritten from scratch (in Java), supports multi-threading and handles a wide array of new design elements compared to the 1.0.x code stream. The code and comment parsing is done and I’m currently working some of the more esoteric parsing bugs out.

One of the design goals for version 2 is also adding support for other output formats than the “traditional” framed HTML view. Writing custom output formats will also be possible using a template engine. I’m planning to ship the following documentation formats:

  • XML
  • Traditional framed HTML
  • A more comprehensive HTML report
  • PDF
  • DocBook

The main XML format is almost done and it’s what I wanted to show of today and is what I’m showing above. Click the image (or here) for a larger version. The larger XML snippet shows:

  • Ability to see which subforms are used from which forms
  • Ability to see which embedded views are used from which forms/pages and what their singlecategory formula is (if any)
  • Support for buttons (anonymous and named)
  • Support for actions (in action bar and as shared actions)
  • Ability to see which shared actions are used from which action bars
  • Support for subforms

The list of new features is quite a lot longer including vast performance improvements but lets not get carried away. Of cause the XML format will also carry the code comments.

9 thoughts on “It’s been quiet in LotusScript.doc land but…”

  1. Since we have adopted lsdoc for documenting all our applications quite a few of them have been created. I’m really looking forward to the new version to get even more documentation out of our code!

    Mikkel, thanks for you great work!


  2. Oh yeah! Sure! I’m planning to support a number of formats beside the lsdoc format incl. %REM sections and simply comments just before the language element (sub, function etc.) You’ll also be able to roll your own… 🙂


  3. Mikkel, grad to read that you are working on a new version. I love LotusScript.doc, most of the projects I’ve been envolved used it and the documentation improved dramatically.

    Of course I don’t want to sound demanding, but the web service add would be very useful to me. Do you have a beta to test?



  4. Well I glad to hear it. There’s no question that web services would be a very much welcomed addition to LotusScript.doc but unfortunately the ability to read the web services source code from DXL was dropped just prior to releasing Notes 8. I’ve been discussing it with some IBM’ers but they cannot tell me when it will make it in.

    As to beta I’m close and hopefully will get something out there soon but I’m still not willing to commit to any specific date. Drop me an e-mail if you want to beta test (lekkim [at]


  5. Mikkel,

    would it be possible to send me already a preview of the database ( I would like to convert the XML-file into XMI so it can easily be used to construct the necessary class diagrams in UML. I could send you the code afterwards so you can integrate it into your product.

    This would be great for developers for documenting existing applications.


  6. Dear All,

    I am having issues using LSDOC @see parameter. Probably it works only if we implement script libraries as Classes. My requirement is to use @see as an internal link to my other subroutines and functions in the *same* script library being displayed. Is there a way out for this?

    Rajashekhara Gopalarao.

    Solution Specialist,


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