Question on LotusScript.doc HTML output

I have been hard at work on version 2 of LotusScript.doc and I’m getting very close to a beta candidate. My main issue is that I keep adding features instead of finishing the core product as I now have a framework that is far more extensible than the version 1 code.

I’m currently finishing the framed HTML output that also shipped with version 1 and in that regard I have a question for LotusScript.doc users. Which parts of the HTML output do you actually use? In version 1 you could select to include the follow design element types and have output about these output to the documentation:

  • Script libraries
  • Agents
  • Database script
  • Forms
  • Views
  • Pages
  • Shared actions

Which parts do you actually use? Is there a better way to do it? Any parts that should highlighted differently?

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Based on prior and recent recommendations I have set up a Paypal account to accept donations to finance the development of the free version of LotusScript.doc version 2. All donations will be very much appreciated and help me justify the time I put into this.

4 thoughts on “Question on LotusScript.doc HTML output”

  1. We use mainly the output generated for ScriptLibraries and Agents. Sometimes we also use Forms, Views and DatabaseScripts.

    Looking forward to see you at Lotusphere and of course looking forward for version 2. 😉


  2. We mainly only use the ScriptLibraries for class documentation. On another note, we would like to see @example as an available tag. Thanks for a great product and we’re looking forward to version 2.


  3. Script Libraries and Agents are what I use for the most part, but because I would like to use lsdoc to create a documentation of ALL LotusScript code in the application, all design elements should be included. I would definitely like to see subforms included in the list (and folders).


  4. We use it for Script libraries, Agents and Database script. Maybe later on for Forms and Views too. I would like to have support for @see to link to other classes/methods and I would like to have the "Methods inherited from …" section of Javadoc with links to the super class methods.


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