Citrix and AJAX – one bad combo?

Anyone using AJAX type-ahead controls under Citrix? I have been working on a customer solution using the select-widget from the dojo toolkit but it doesn’t work correctly in Internet Explorer under Citrix (you can type ahead but cannot use the arrow keys to select from the choices). Just checked and their autocomplete widget doesn’t work either under Citrix either (same issue). Previously I have been using a solution I developed myself but really want to go mainstream… autocompleter example.

AJAX and character sets

Being from a country that uses characters outside the ASCII range we are often times struggling with character set issues and today was no different. Well it was… Today I found the solution that has been eluding me for a long time.

We have been having issues with national characters in content being returned in AJAX calls for documents sent using the text/plain MIME-type (e.g. JSON). Apparently the XMLHTTPRequest used on most platforms assumes that the content it receives is in UTF-8 so if you’re having issues with encoding check the charset. Changing the character set in the servlet generating the data (Content-Type: text/plain;charset=UTF-8) and on the page (using a meta-tag) solved the issue.