Citrix and AJAX – one bad combo?

Anyone using AJAX type-ahead controls under Citrix? I have been working on a customer solution using the select-widget from the dojo toolkit but it doesn’t work correctly in Internet Explorer under Citrix (you can type ahead but cannot use the arrow keys to select from the choices). Just checked and their autocomplete widget doesn’t work either under Citrix either (same issue). Previously I have been using a solution I developed myself but really want to go mainstream… autocompleter example.

3 thoughts on “Citrix and AJAX – one bad combo?”

  1. Can you replicate this under an RDP/Terminal Services connection? If so, it will be a limitation on the MS side of the house. If not, post this on the Citrix community forums – generally a more prescriptive response will come out.


  2. Hi Mikkel,

    We have exactly the same issue.  Everything is fine under a local browser and also under RDP, but in IE under Citrix our custom AJAX autocomplete control does not work.

    Did you ever find a solution?




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