Salesforce week 6

Again study, study, study… Since last week I completed 2 certifications which takes me to 4 of the 5 I need. The last is Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant which is looking pretty tricky but I have to find some material on the exam. Did my second round of volunteering – felt good. Closing off the year having volunteered 13 hours. Okay I think. Looking into how I can help for a Salesforce project in Africa. Interesting.

From here on it’s xmas, then new years and it’s time to think about other stuff than Salesforce for a while. See you on the other side…

What did I learn

  • Take the exam – go for it!
  • Sales Cloud certification was trickier than I thought it would be

Status after this week

Trailhead points: 57600

Trailhead badges: 59

Certifications: 4 (Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant)

3 thoughts on “Salesforce week 6”

  1. Hi Mikkel,

    Enjoying the series.  I’ve been hovering around the edges of Salesforce for a year or so since my company was bought out by another company, so I’ve enjoyed reading about a few ex-domino types moving towards Salesforce.

    For somebody considering coming across, would you say that doing the admin certs before the development ones gives you a better grounding and helps you get up to speed faster?   I don’t think I’m going to have the time to ramp up as quickly as you have (congrats!) and I’m finding that I don’t have quite the capacity for studiousness (if that’s a word) that I once had when I picked up a PCLP in a matter of months back in the day, so I need to chose wisely.


  2. Hey — yeah I would definitely recommend doing the Certified Salesforce Administrator certification first as it provides a very good foundation and explains a lot about the platform as such. It goes into objects, fields, security etc. which is really a prerequisite for doing any appdev on the platform. Good luck!


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