Notes 8.x shortcut of the day

If you haven’t docked the Open menu in Notes 8 on the left you want to be able to access it using the keyboard. As always the shortcut list is to the rescue. Ctrl-Shift-L shows a list of all shortcuts and in that list you find “Open list” which is what you want. The shortcut for “Open list” is Alt-B so put away that mouse and use the keyboard.

Update: Just relealized that it works just as well with the Open list docked.

5 thoughts on “Notes 8.x shortcut of the day”

  1. Sadly this was a step back from earlier versions of notes.  You used to be able to do Alt-b then 1 for your mail file, 2 for calendar etc.  Now you have to hit up and down cursor.   I wish they would go back to what htey had in 8.0.2


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