Authenticating a web service request

In my current project I needed to place an authenticated web services request from Lotus Domino to an Oracle SOA endpoint. Turned out to be extremely easy using the Lotus Domino web services consumer feature as I just used the setCredentials(String, String) method which then adds the necessary Authorization header to the HTTP call. Below is an example.

MyEchoServiceLocator l = new MyEchoServiceLocator();
MyEcho u = l.getDomino();
u.setCredentials("Domino Admin", "password");
String result = u.echo("HelloWorld");
System.out.println("Result: " + result);

3 thoughts on “Authenticating a web service request”

  1.  Mikkel – have you ever done MS "Mex" authentication with a Java client? There is code out there on the net, but the certificate management worries me…


  2. From a .NET program, I need to use an Xpages Rest Service and I’m wondering how to actually authenticate the user?

    Any ideas?

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