12 thoughts on “Configure Eclipse 3.5 for Notes 8.5.3”

  1. Thank you very much. But in my environment i have problems in debug mode. The ui looks strange and i get many erros in the console. The problem is that the stack in the virtual machine is too small. I have added the vm property -Xss1m to your properties and then debug works without a problem too. I hope this helps if someone has the same problem.


  2. Hi Mikkel,

    I have already created the notes target in my eclipse configuration like your how to, and i don’t know why eclipse didn’t find swt library on my notes target.


  3. first point i can’t compile so i can’t really launch properly the plugins

    second point if i launch with the error, when i try to show my preference panel of my plugins i have the issus of the swt library


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