What is new in 8.5.2 for XPages

Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 is out and the other day I was hosting an XPages training session so I thought a little bit about what’s new with XPages. Of course XPage ninjas like Matt has already written about it (Matt White: What’s new with XPages in 8.5.2) but as I was reading up I found some links I wanted to highlight. Most info may be found on the IBM wiki.

  • onClientLoad Event. Its now possible to add scripts in the events to be executed when the page is submitted or this panel or some containing panel is partial updated.
  • Extensions API
  • Two new Global Objects for Server Side JavaScript, sessionAsSigner (open a session using the signer rights) and sessionAsSignerWithFullAccess(open a session using the signer rights, while giving it full access to the data)
    • sessionAsSigner – Assigns credentials based on the signer of the of XPages design element. The session is restricted by the application’s ACL and the security tab of the server’s Domino Directory entry.
    • sessionAsSignerWithFullAccess – Assigns credentials based on the signer of the of XPages design element and allows full administrative access to the application’s data. The signer must have the right to such access or the session is not created.
  • New resource xp:headTag – this allow you in an easy way to put stuff into the header of a XPage
  • XPages ECL to Permissions updated to include more Java Permissions
    In V851 of XPages, security for executing Java code in XPages in the Notes Client was very restricted. For XPages V852, the Java Permissions managed by the XPages ECL settings have been broadened to be similar to the set of Java Permissions allowed by Java Agents and to bring a level of equivalence between Java Permissions allowed for XPages on Domino Server (Unrestricted) and XPages in the Notes Client. For example, in V851 the ECL Network permission only covered the Java SocketPermission, now it covers NetPermission and other related Java network permissions.
  • Referencing a Managed Bean from JavaScript now supported in XPiNC. This fixes a bug where a Managed Bean, first referenced in JavaScript (which triggered the creation of the Bean) caused a security exception. The workaround was to first have this Managed Bean referenced and created as a DataSource (referencing the Bean from then on was fine). This bug is now fixed.

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  1. The headTag is an awesome feature-add to XPages, and really lets us maintain the RAD architecture when we try to take it “beyond RAD”.

    Absolutely *required* for HTML5 and mobile device support through XPage-based mobile device web apps!


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