How the new iPhone OS may expand the use of Lotus Traveler

For all us iPhone affectionados today was a day of joy as iOS4 arrived in iTunes. There are numerous nice features in iOS4 but the most important from a Lotus perspective is the fact that iOS4 allows multiple ActiveSync accounts (or as the iPhone calls it: “Exchange accounts”). This means that you may use you iPhone with multiple mail systems whether that be multiple Lotus Traveler systems or Lotus Traveler and another mail system such as Google mail or Exchange. Very nice.

I just tried it out with the demo Lotus Traveler from Greenhouse at and it works like a charm.

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  1. I use traveler for Iphone for business, but cannot get traveler sync to work with the new ios 4. Previously i had to install a generated profile in order to get everything working, but the mail client cannot connect to the server.

    Have you come across this problem? Do you know how to solve it? Right now I cannot access my emails out of the office, which I am quite a lot.

    Thank you for any help/pointers you can give!


  2. The way that Traveler works with a generated profile is still the same as it ever was. It sounds like you’re having network connection issues more than anything else so I would start there. Maybe your issue is not a Traveler issue but a more general one. Good luck.


  3. Hmmm just read in a forum that it might indeed be a timeout issue in Traveler but it requires a change to the Lotus Traveler server setup as outlined here:

    "It appears that OS 4 has shipped with a 30 second timeout.  OS 2 had 1 minute and OS 3 used 4 minutes.  I have no idea why Apple changed this, but it means you need to change the OS 4 timeout in NTSConfig.xml.  At the time that the last Traveler CD was done, we didn’t know what Apple was going to use for the timeout.  The assumption was that it would be the same 4 minutes as OS 3, but that apparently was an incorrect guess.

    To change the timeout, add/modify the AS_REQUEST_TIME_LIMIT_APPLE_4X value in NTSConfig.xml to be 20.  NTSConfig.xml does not have AS_REQUEST_TIME_LIMIT_APPLE_4X by default, so you should have to add it alongside the 2X and 3X values which should be there already.  Do not change the 2X and 3X values – just add the 4X value."


  4. I have the same issue. Which I have now resolved.

    Previously had OS 3.1.3 with traveler profile installed on iphone via This was working fine under os 3.1.3. Upgraded to ios4 last night and could no longer connect to the mail server, my profile was still installed with correct permissions. My colleagues with 3Gs iPhones received some warning messages (cannot Verify Server Identity would you like to continue anyway?) but the upgrade to ios4 worked and they can connect to our notes server and download email. I spent several hours with IT today trying to fix this issue. We tried deleting the profile from my iPhone and reinstalling via the web configuration URL on our notes server – a connection could be established and a new profile was generated on the server for download to my iPhone but crucially this would not download. Consequently I believe the previous comments about extending timeouts wont fix the issue. Next attempt was to manually create a new Microsoft Exchange account via Add account in settings, this also failed with warning message above.

    I have now fixed the problem by reinstalling from back up in iTunes, this added the original profile back in and I am now able to sync with notes, contacts and calendar on my 3G iPhone.

    I hope this helps, it is cheaper than upgrading to iPhone 4 ☺


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