MyWidgets just got better – Option to specify a custom widget icon for sidebar

Please note: The following is from the release notes of Notes 8.5.2 so I don’t take credit for writing this. Lotus Notes 8.5.2 is in beta and there are no guarantees that the features described here will be in the final product that IBM ships.

Power users and administrators can add a new viewImageUrl attribute to the palleteItem element in a widget’s extension.xml definition to specify a custom icon to use in the sidebar view/title bar for that widget. The viewImageURL attribute value must be a URL to the desired image, for example:


Example widget XML syntax is shown below:

3 thoughts on “MyWidgets just got better – Option to specify a custom widget icon for sidebar”

  1. Could be or it could be "the case of the missing documentation"… 🙂 You are right that you have been able to set the icon for a while for plugins at least but I think this goes to Notes widgets as well. If nothing else it makes the widget list look better.


  2. Yes it is in the widget I created. You were able to edit the XML and then sent that back up as the widget code for the sidebar. Otherwise it grabs the URL string favicon or Notes icon if a Notes one.


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