LotusScript.doc v2 – required Java heap changes

Strong: Just to clarify – LotusScript.doc v2 isn’t out yet. It is out in a very, very limited prebeta 1 (one person besides me) in preparation for a more general beta process hopefully in the very near future. See this post for a clarification on the progress.

As you might know LotusScript.doc v2 is written in Java instead of LotusScript. This means that you have to make some minor changes to your Notes client to make it work. One of the settings you need to change is the size of the Java heap that is the amount of memory allocated to Java objects.

To change that you need to set the JavaMaxHeapSize notes.ini parameter as described in the Lotus Notes and Domino wiki. Although the wiki describes the setting as only being applicable to Domino servers it works just as fine for my test Notes client (8.0.2 Standard in this case). To change the setting add the following to your notes.ini (do check whether it is already set):