LotusScript.doc v2 – java.policy changes required

Strong: Just to clarify – LotusScript.doc v2 isn’t out yet. It is out in a very, very limited prebeta 1 (one person besides me) in preparation for a more general beta process hopefully in the very near future. See this post for a clarification on the progress.

LotusScript.doc v2 uses java.util.logging as its underlying logging framework. To spice things up a little it also uses some internal magic to ease troubleshooting and provide easy debugging. One of these tricks is to print out the XPath expression of the element being processed in the log. More on this another time.

In order to use java.util.logging and set custom Handlers and Formatters you need to tweek the java.policy a little bit. It’s quite easy as the only thing you have to add to your <Notes binary directory</jvm/lib/security/java.policy file is the following in the first “grant” section:

permission java.util.logging.LoggingPermission "control";

Here is a link to a default java.policy file and a changed java.policy file.

4 thoughts on “LotusScript.doc v2 – java.policy changes required”

  1. Sorry – no you didn’t miss it. Version 2 is out as a prebeta with one person to see how it runs on other machines than my own. It is however going to be out in beta soon given that no "biggies" turn up. I guess that I should have made that clear.


  2. Hej Mikkel,

    What do you think? Isn’t it better to use the users policy file for this change or java.pol?

    With a new Domino/Notes Update this file might be overwritten …


    # The default is to have a single system-wide policy file,
    # and a policy file in the user’s home directory.


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