LotusScript.doc v2 – an update on the progress

Besides working way too much I have spent a good part of my Holidays working on LotusScript.doc version 2 and I’m happy to say that it is very close to completion. I have spent a great deal of time finalizing the logging framework and building the Notes/Java bridge to allow you to run LotusScript.doc from a Notes database instead of as a command line program. I also needed to weed out some issues in this regard which is why I have been blogging issues such as configuring the java.policy file and the maximum Java heap size.

To clarify…

LotusScript.doc v2 is out in a very, very limited prebeta 1 with one person besides me to try and weed out the most serious issues before releasing a beta. Again a beta, at least the first, will only go out to a select number of people to try and keep track of who has what release.

The goals for the functionality of LotusScript.doc v2 are very big but for starters I’m going for feature parity with LotusScript v1. Then once the new technology is out there I’m going to start enabling the new and advanced features.

Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Prebeta … prebeta … I wish I could think of something catchier to call it. Is that like, oh I don’t know … what could we call it … something sexy… how about ALPHA. What do ya think? Will it become a mem?


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