I’m trying to create script libraries using DXL – possible?

I have spent a little time this weekend trying to create Java script libraries (that is script libraries with Java code and not “JavaScript” libraries) from scratch using DXL. Exporting the DXL of a script library with a jar-file imported into it yields some base64 in a <javaarchive /> tag. The base64 data is however not decodable as it’s not valid base64. Base on prior experiences with this kind of stuff I tried decoding the bytes but without success.

The header in base64 is (or at leas to a multiple of 4 characters) is “UEsDBBQACAAIAKyEATkAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUAAAA”. I guess the beginning is probably a CDFILEHEADER struct (based on prior help) but I’m unable to decode it… 😦

The struct should start with a DSIG struct (16 bit unsigned integer and a 32 bit unsigned integer) but I’m unable to get anything that makes sense. I end up with 20555 for the first WORD but that doesn’t “compute”. Bummer!

If you’ve done any work on this and is willing to share please drop me a comment. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “I’m trying to create script libraries using DXL – possible?”

  1. I think it is definitely programmatically possible, though perhaps not through DXL. If you look at the source code for the awesome Domiclipse java plugin, I think it uses the C API and some JNI calls to read and write external jars to an agent or script lib.


  2. Yeah saw that Domiclipse uses JNI but I wanted to do it without binary dependencies. Again I’m beyond words by the fact that one have to know the internals of Notes in order to use DXL. Thanks for the comment.


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